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HOW TO REDEEM your shares

A shareholder may redeem his/her shares any banking day by filling out a Redemption Form, indicating the number of shares or amount he/she wants to redeem. The Redemption Form together with one (1) scanned/photocopied valid government-issued ID and forwarded to FAMI for initial processing via :

Note:  Documents should be submitted before 12noon. Otherwise, your request shall be processed the next banking day.

Important: For clients without a fax/email indemnity instruction with FAMI, the original redemption request form needs to be submitted to FAMI via:

  • any Metrobank Branches (Pouch Code #90020; ATTN: FAMI), or
  • any courier, or
  • directly through FAMI office (Makati, Cebu or Davao).

Should there be pertinent update/s details and/or documents required from your end, client shall be notified accordingly. This is in compliance with BSP Circular 950 wherein financial institutions are required to regularly update clients information and records. To update your information today, please proceed here.

Redemption proceeds shall be ready within seven (7) banking days from receipt of complete request for redemption.

Client has three (3) redemption options:

  1. Pick-up at FAMI office or any Investors Center
    • Client must bring one (1) valid government-issued ID when claiming.
    • In case a representative will claim, an authorization letter should accompany the client’s valid ID and the valid ID of the duly authorized representative.
  2. Switch to another FAMI mutual fund
    • The name of the receiving fund should be indicated in the Redemption Form.
    • The receiving fund should be the same currency as the current fund.
  3. Deposit to bank account (Bank account name should be the same with the account name opened with FAMI.)

Computing the NAVPS upon redemption

For determining the value of a redemption, the effective NAV per share shall be the NAVPS for the same banking day when the request is made, provided the request is submitted before the daily cut-off time of 12 noon. Redemptions made after the cut-off time shall be valued at the NAVPS on the following banking day.