The following sections provide a step-by-step guide on how to register in our portal to view your statement of account (SOA)
at your convenience.

Registering for FAMI Portal Access (first-time users)

1. Go to and click Register.

2. In the REGISTRATION page, click Individual Account. Then, click next.

3. When the pop-up message “Are you sure you want to continue registration?” appears, click OK.

4. Provide the requested information. To serve as a guide, copy the exact format and details as shown in the image below. Once all fields are filled out, click Submit. When the pop-up message “Are you sure you want to submit data?” appears, click OK.
      Middle Name (If Individual Account)
      Complete Account Name of Primary Account Holder (If Joint)
      And It should be UPPERCASE

5. Select the option on how you would like to receive you One-time Password (OTP) then click next.

6. The OTP shall be sent via the chosen medium. Sample text message provided below.

7. Once you receive your User Name and OTP, type the details in the appropriate field in the portal.

8. After the system has accepted the OTP, it will prompt the investor to immediately change its password. The nominated password should be able to meet all the criteria below.

9. Once password has been successfully changed, a confirmation message shall appear. Click “OK.” The system will automatically redirect the investor into the login page.

10. The investor will receive a confirmation regarding successful registration containing the
given Customer ID.

Please note that your User Name is the same as your Customer ID / Client ID / User ID, but different from your FAMI Account Number.


After successfully registering and logging in the portal, enroll your account/s in order to view your investment/s. The account enrollment process is as follows:

1. Log into the FAMI Portal using your Customer ID, as received via SMS or email, and Password, then click “Login.”

2. Under the “Account Summary” tab, click “View Enrolled Account List.”

3. Click “Click to Enroll New Account.”

4. Provide the requested information. You may refer to the Statement of Account (SOA) or Confirmation Receipt (COR) that were previously sent to you for your Account Number and COR #.
Once all fields are filled out, click “Enroll Your Account”.

To serve as guidance, your SOA is provided below to illustrate where to get the requested information.


1. Under “Statement of Account” tab, choose the Account Number for which you would like to generate a SOA.

2. Also choose the specific period of the SOA. By providing this, the generated SOA will contain details of the transaction falling under the specified period.

3. Choose in what form you would like the SOA to be generated, and then click the Download logo.

A pop-up window will appear, regardless whether you choose pdf or xls. If Excel is chosen, the file will automatically be saved in your computer. Check that it has a filename extension .xls.


1. Under the “Profile” tab, click “Notification.”

2. Under “Online Services Availed,” choose the account number for which you would like the service to be applied to. Only enrolled account numbers will be available in the drop down.

3. Also choose the “Service” and “Frequency” of the service you would like to avail.

4. Once final, click “Submit” button. The services being availed will be summarized in a table format, as presented below.

FAMI portal FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is FAMI Portal Online?
A. FAMI portal online is a platform that lets you access your statement of account (SOA) and monitor your investment portfolio at your own convenience.

Q. Why I do I keep getting an error message (‘’does not Match‘’) when I register my account?
A. The details provided upon registration is the same information you should indicate when you’re opened your account. You may contact or email us to check your registered information on record.

• 891-28-60 to 65

Q. Why didn’t I receive any OTP (one-time password) after I entered my mobile number and email address?
A. Please ensure that your mailbox is not full or check your spam folder since the system generated email may be incorrectly tagged as spam folder.

You may have also entered an incorrect mobile number or format is incorrect (should be 09XXXXXX)
If no message appears in your email or mobile number, you may contact or email us for assistance.

• 891-28-60 to 65

Q. I’m trying to complete the activation process but I keep on getting an (“invalid temporary password”) message. What should I do?
A. Please ensure that you enter the exact temporary password contained in the activation email.

Q. Does One-Time Password (OTP) have a validity period?
A. Yes, for security reasons, the OTP is valid only for 5 minutes. If you are unable to enter the OTP within this time, please repeat the procedure.

Q. What to do if my portal account was locked?
A. Possibly you entered wrong Customer ID or password. You may contact or email us for assistance.

• 891-28-60 to 65

After identity verification, the customer care associate will UNLOCK your account. You may now proceed in opening your FAMI portal account.

Q. I cannot log-in on my account, it says “This user is already logged in.
Try to login after 61 minutes else contact the administrator.”

A. Portal account was not properly logged out. You may contact or email us for assistance.

• 891-28-60 to 65

After identity verification, the customer care associate will now UNLOCK your account. You may now proceed in opening your FAMI portal account.

What should I do if I forget my password?
You can request to reset your password by using Forgot password facility in the portal.

What should I do if I forget my User ID?
Kindly contact us at 891-28-60 or email at