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The following sections provide a step-by-step guide on how to register in our portal to view your statement of account (SOA)
at your convenience.

Registration and Enrollment for FAMI Portal Access (first-time users)
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Registration is quick and easy just by going to the FAMI Website (, click the FAMI PORTAL LOGIN button (top right side of the page), and follow the procedures below:


In the REGISTRATION page, click Individual Account. Then click NEXT.



Provide your information as shown below, then click SUBMIT.

A pop-up message will appear “Are you sure you want to submit data?”, click OK.


Choose where you want to receive your one-time password (OTP), then click NEXT.

The OTP shall be sent immediately to your email or mobile number.


Enter the OTP in the appropriate field as shown below, then click SUBMIT.


Once successful, you will be prompted by this message:

You will also receive an SMS or email (whichever mode you have chosen) confirming your successful registration with your CLIENT ID.

Example of Confirmation via SMS

Example of Confirmation via Email

NOTE: Your CLIENT ID is different from your FAMI Account Number, and shall only be used in the FAMI Portal.

You will also be prompted to immediately change your password as shown below:

How to View Your Latest Investment Summary

Now that you have successfully registered to the FAMI Portal, this guide will show you how to log-in and view your latest Investment Summary.


Login to the FAMI Portal by entering your Client ID and password, then Click the LOGIN button.


Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the Investment Summary Page. Primary account is immediately enrolled to the FAMI Portal. If you have other accounts, please proceed to HOW TO ENROLL MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.


How to Enroll Multiple Accounts

If you have additional FAMI Account Numbers, you may do the enrollment process below:


Under the Account Summary Tab, click VIEW ENROLLED ACCOUNT LIST.




Enter your additional Account Number, then click ENROLL YOUR ACCOUNT.

That’s it!

Now you may access your Statement of Account (SOA) and monitor your investment portfolio at your own convenience.

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No need to call, queue or wait for an email, view your SOA anytime and be environmentally friendly. Here’s how:

Under the STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT tab, choose which Account Number (if multiple accounts) you would like to generate a SOA from.

Select specific period and click DOWNLOAD.

This initiative supports the e-Commerce Law under RA 8792 to minimize the use of paper-based transactions for a greener future.

FAMI portal FAQ’s
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Q. What is FAMI Portal Online?

A. FAMI Portal Online is a platform that lets you access your statement of account (SOA) and monitor your investment portfolio at your own convenience.

Q. Is my Client ID same as my account number?

A. Your Client ID is different from your account number. Your Client ID is only used to access your FAMI Portal.

Q. Why do I keep getting an error message (“does not match”) when I register my account?

A. Details you provided when you opened your account, should be the same information entered upon registration. You may contact FAMI for assistance if you are still prompted with an error message after entering valid credentials.

Q. Why didn’t I receive any one-time password (OTP)?

A. If via email, ensure that your mailbox is not full or check your spam folder. If via SMS, make sure that the mobile number you entered is same as the one provided on your application form.

Q. Does OTP have a validity period?

A. Yes. For security purposes, it is valid for 5 minutes. If you are unable to enter the OTP within this period, please repeat the procedure.

Q. What to do if my portal account is locked?

A. You may have entered a wrong Client ID or password, you may contact FAMI for assistance.

Q. I cannot log-in on my account, it says “this user is already logged in”.

A. Your portal account was not properly logged out. You may contact FAMI for assistance. After verification of your identity, our sales associate will UNLOCK your account and you may proceed in opening your FAMI portal online account.

Q. What should I do if I forget my password?

A. You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ facility in the portal. Just follow the guidelines accordingly.

Q. What should I do if I forget my Client ID?

A. Kindly contact FAMI for assistance.


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