A Monthly Investment Program is a facility that FAMI will set up in your company whereby your employees can voluntarily request your company to make a salary deduction and forward these deductions to FAMI to be invested in a “Save and Learn” mutual fund of the employee’s choice.  This way employees enjoy hassle-free saving on a regular basis, plus have their savings gain from the power of mutual fund long-term value growth.

Here are ten reasons why your company should set up the FAMI Monthly Investment Program:

  1. When your employees’ salaries are eaten up by unnecessary expenses or expensive interest, they will ask for more salary increases or more benefits in the future.  You want to avoid this. 
  2. When your employees demand greater increases or benefits to make up for their bad savings and spending habits — and you don’t satisfy their demands — they will leave to find a job elsewhere, or engage in extra livelihood, draining their attention and energy. You want to avoid all of this.
  3. The MIP is a way for your employees to automatically set aside their savings and invest these in good instruments, and thus allow them to prepare for their future needs more responsibly.  You like empowering your people to take responsibility for their future.
  4. The MIP is run by First Metro Asset Management, Inc., a subsidiary of First Metro Investment, which is the largest investment bank in the country, and which is a subsidiary of Metrobank.  You’re assured of professional and responsible fund management for the hard-earned savings of your employees.
  5. Your employees’ savings will be invested in mutual funds.  These are the best instruments to invest small amounts of money for the long term.  Your employees small savings can be invested by professional managers who will combine these savings with larger investments made by companies and wealthy investors.  You’re happy that your employees will have easy access to these.
  6. Your employees are free to choose to participate or not.  And if they choose to participate, they will be the ones to choose into which mutual fund they will invest.  You don’t have to compel anyone, nor do you have the responsibility for the performance of the investments; this is no risk to your company.  You like this.
  7. FAMI will explain the mechanics of the program, and will give advice to your employees.  They will manage and administer the investment, and make reports available to employees as needed.  You don’t have to do anything that is out of your HR and administrative competence.  You like this.
  8. Employees can increase their investments any time they wish.  They can also withdraw part or all of their investment any time they wish.  They don’t have to wait for resignation or retirement.  For the sake of your employees, you like this and if they’re happy, you’re happy.
  9. Your payroll personnel have to simply make the deduction from your payroll, give us a masterlist of deductions made for each person, and remit the cash to FAMI.  We will take care of posting and making the investments under the name of each of the employees.  We will track their investments and make statements of account available within 24-hour notice to any employee upon request.  The effort on your part is minimal.  You like this.
  10. FAMI will take care of all the promotional and information materials and all you have to do is help distribute and post these to the employees effectively, and to make a venue at your workplace available for FAMI representatives to make presentations and meet with your employees.  The effort on your part is minimal but you could reap the benefits of happier employees, lower turnover, and better productivity.  You like this.

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For more information, contact either Eddie Mendoza, Hector de Leon, or Sally Prudente at First Metro Asset Management Inc., at (02) 891-2860.


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