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No garden is without its weeds

No wonder Wall Street dropped last week. New stock issuance was sucking up all the spare cash.  Read more

The Trend is your friend

11:40am Friday May 15, 2009    PSEi 2310.30   PHP/$ 47.64

Today is one of the strongest days I’ve seen in Philippine stocks.  Our market is up 2.03% at this time compared to about 1% and a fraction for the rest of the region.  The strongest issue in my radar today is Ayala Corp. (AC) which is Read more

Did I hear someone sneeze?

5 pm Thursday May 14, 2009

PSEi – 2264.23    PHP/$ – 47.79

“When the U.S. sneezes, the whole world catches cold.”  This is an adage that market players from all over the world are well acquainted with. Read more

Is this a sucker’s rally?

In this morning’s Asian Wall Street Journal, I came upon an opinion story entitled “A Suckers Rally?”  It was written by Mr. Andy Kessler – a former hedge fund manager, so the story was worth reading.  The central point of the article Read more

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