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FAMI creates Save-and-Learn blogsite

In order to promote the habit of saving and to help the general public understand important finance and investment terms, instruments, and practices, First Metro Asset Management has launched a user-friendly blogsite: Read more

Is a mutual fund right for you?

What is a mutual fund, and why is this an attractive investment?

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What type of mutual fund should you invest in?


There are several types of mutual funds under FAMI management, that  cater to different financial goals and risk appetites.   To decide what type of mutual fund you should invest in, you have to first decide what you will use the money for, and when you might need to use it,  and how much risk you are willing to take. Read more

FAMI Launches “Monthly Investment Program”


In pursuit of its mission to enrich the Filipino people through disciplined and effective saving, First Metro Asset Management, Inc., launched a “Monthly Investment Program” for salaried employees. Read more

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