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Dear valued clients and partners,

2020 is truly an unprecedented year.  We need not have to go through each of its challenges and travails but one thing we should go through are the strength of character, camaraderie and sense of gratitude it has brought out in all of us, as individuals, professionals, employers, family and friend.  Quarter on quarter we were beset with natural calamities, economic difficulties and while it took its toll on our energy, we trudged on.  We had our fears, and still do, but our spirits are kept alive by the value and trust that our clients and partners put on us, the continuous hopes we place in the future and the singleness of purpose and mission we have today.

As a result, we achieved record breaking subscriptions, improved fund performance returns and increased operational efficiencies.  We have been able to increase our coverage and accessibility in the VizMin areas through our personal relationship managers and our payment gateways have broadened.  Our people have been kept safe, secure and productive.

Overall, there is still much, much more to do and these excite us in every way.   There are more product launches to be done, continuous automation and fund performance to be sustained but we are on our way and with all of your support and feedback, each accomplishment and hurdle overcome makes us stronger and more determined.

As we take this time to look back and reflect at the year that was, we are grateful to all of you, our clients and partners who have journeyed alongside us this year and prior, through the ebbs and flows.  We are enthused for this season of  rebirth and eagerly anticipating recovery and regrowth for the year to come.

In behalf of First Metro Asset Management, our officers and staff, we wish you a blessed, safe and healthy Christmas and look forward to a resilient 2021.

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