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It’s been six remarkable years since First Metro Equity Exchange-Traded Fund (FMETF:PH), the first and only ETF in the Philippines launched.

First Metro ETF is part of the list of award-winning funds managed by First Metro Asset Management Inc. (FAMI), fund management subsidiary of First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC) under the Metrobank Group.

Since its inception on December 2, 2013, First Metro ETF has a cumulative total return of 32%.

First Metro ETF boasts itself as one, if not the easiest and most convenient way to ride the growth of Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi), comprising of the top 30 biggest companies in the country.

To date, First Metro ETF is giving +5.11% cumulative 1-Year return based on net asset value per share (NAVPS) as of December 18, 2019.

FMETF is ideal for investors (retail and institutions alike) who are unable to watch a particular stock or industry but believe in the Philippine growth story as this holds a basket of stocks or other securities, increasing diversification.

“The First Metro ETF is the only fund that replicates the Philippine Stock Exchange index to the fullest. We are very proud of the performance of the fund and the fact that this is a pioneer in the industry. Just as the Philippines has been achieving milestone growth, what best way to ride in that growth story than to ride in the Philippines and First Metro’s first and only ETF,” told First Metro Asset’s President Karen Liza Roa.

Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) President and CEO Mr. Ramon Monzon shares in an official statement, “The debut of FMETF in 2013 was an important milestone in the history of the Philippine stock market. Its listing brought about the addition of a much needed asset class in the local bourse, one that has been very popular in markets overseas. I commend FMETF and its affiliates for actively promoting ETF investment. This continuing education campaign has helped investors understand and appreciate the benefits of this investment instrument.”

Here’s PSE President and CEO Ramon S. Monzon’s official congratulatory message to First Metro ETF’s 6th Anniversary.

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