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Josephine Oguing So is a FAMI investor since 2008.

She works as a manager of a financial company. Being an investor for 11 years now, Josephine knows the importance of investing money early.

“One regret talaga na di ko nagawa is, I should have done this in younger years ko. In the long term, my money will work for me talaga. Kumbaga for now, I’m working for my money. Pero eventually, pagdating ng retirement I’m sure yung money ko will work for me na. Parang ii-enjoy ko na lang yung retirement ko,” she adds.

As Josephine puts it, “As long as you have the means to invest, as long as you have the resources to invest and choose where to invest your funds, it is never too late to invest.”


Watch as Josephine shares her story when it comes to investing with First Metro Asset.


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