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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Have you decided what to surprise her with? If you are tired of the usual gifts such as flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Daythen why not give an investment in the form of a mutual fund? 

Giving a mutual fund as a gift is a great way to ensure your mom gets a valuable gift that could increase in value as time passes. If you haven’t done this, well this is a memorable FIRST! 

A mutual fund is a pool of money professionally managed and invested in specific types of securities. Investing in mutual funds allows you to entrust your money to a Fund Manager who will do the trading decisions on your behalf. 

This investment vehicle presents a ton of advantages for beginners and busy investors. Not only are you not required with a large sum of money to invest, mutual funds are also suitable for those who don’t have the time and capacity to manage their own investments. 

Mutual Funds are typically longterm investment vehicles that can be used by your Mom as a tool for achieving their financial goals such as: 

Funding for education; 

Funding for retirement; 

Lifestyle Planning; 

Estate Planning 


For the First-Time Moms 

Just like any first-time Moms who are new in the world of motherhood, they’re learning from experience but wants to do things the first time as effective as possible. Save and Learn Money Market Fund is a lowrisk investment perfect for those who are just starting to learn how investing works. 

Save and Learn Money Market Fund invests in both equities and fixed income instruments. A typical portfolio mix is composed of high-quality liquid debt and monetary instruments, short-term treasury securities, certificate of deposits and the like. This fund seeks stable returns by investing in fixed income instruments/securities or investment in a portfolio with an average portfolio duration of one (1) year or less. 


For the working Mom 

She’s busy and would probably enjoy some financial peace too! Moms who have to balance their home and work, Save and Learn Balanced Fund is perfect! It aims to give both safety and income. This is a perfect fund for those who want to build wealth through stocks but still would want to manage risks by being invested in fixed-income securities. 

Save and Learn Balanced Fund is set to generate long-term capital appreciation through investment in equity securities and/or in government and corporate debt securities. This fund is set to generate long-term capital appreciation through investment in equity securities and/or in government and corporate debt securities. 


For the Mom who is always there for us 

We can count on her anytime, she provides us the feeling of safety and doesn’t disappoint. Save and Learn Fixed-Income Fund aims to give fixed income on a regular basis. It’s the very fund for a Mom who would want to invest for long-term and steady capital appreciation at moderate risk. 

Save and Learn Fixed-Income Fund holds medium risk investments that consist mainly of governmental securities, commercial paper, corporate bonds, promissory notes and other debt instruments of varying tenor. 


For the Protective Mom 

Mothers are nurturing as they are protective. They are willing to take risks in order to protect her family, the Save and Learn Equity Fund involves the highest risk among the different mutual funds. However, the potential reward on long-term investment is also higher compared to money market or fixed-income funds. 

Save and Learn Equity Fund invests in selected stocks and equity securities. A typical portfolio mix involves shares on properties, holding companies, transportation, telecommunication and power. This fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in carefully selected listed and non-listed equity securities. 


For the smart shopper Mom 

Never running out of food from the pantry! Just like a Mom who researches and makes a list before she shops, First Metro Consumer Fund gives exposure on quality consumption-related companies available in the Philippine market (food and beverage, electricity, and more). It is a low-cost investment created for Filipinos to better maximize the returns of their investments. 

First Metro Consumer Fund is invested in the top performing First Metro Consumer Fund which provides Filipino investors a basket of stocks that best represent the consumer sector. This fund  seeks to generate long-term returns from listed Philippines consumer equities. 


For the Mom who has it all 

Maybe Mom already has everything and just don’t want any more “things.” She just merely wants the best for her childrenFirst Metro Exchange-Traded Fund gives you the convenience of a mutual fund and the limitless possibility of a stock. It is a diverse, transparent and tradable investment option that suits any type of investor.  

First Metro Exchange-Traded Fund is designed to track the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi), making it a cost-efficient way of diversifying your portfolio, allowing investors access to a broader market. The PSEi is composed of the top 30 blue chip stocks available in the country today.  


Remember, it is never too late to start investing. This goes the same for our Mom. 


Step up and give her a gift that keeps on giving like a mutual fund.  

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