First Metro Asset Management Inc

For Redemption

A shareholder may redeem his shares any banking day, by filling out a redemption request form (indicating the number of shares he wants to redeem). The redemption request form should be forwarded to FAMI via email ( or thru any Metrobank Branches (Pouch Code #90020). Additional items have to be submitted by the shareholder to FAMI before the proceeds can be released, as follows:

1. The original copy of the redemption request form, signed by any one of the designated signatories of the account;
2. One (1) valid ID with 3 specimen signatures; and

Click here to download the Redemption Request Form: REDEMPTION FORM

Payments for redeemed shares shall be ready within seven (7) banking days from receipt of request for redemption.

A shareholder must bring a valid ID when claiming the redemption proceeds. In case of a representative, an authorization letter should accompany the shareholder’s ID and the ID of the duly authorized representative.

Computing the NAVPS upon redemption

For determining the value of a redemption, the effective NAV per share shall be the NAVPS for the same banking day when the request is made, provided the request is submitted before the daily cut-off time of 12 o’clock noon. Redemptions made after the cut-off time shall be valued at the NAVPS on the following banking day.

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