First Metro Asset Management Inc

For Additional Investment

You can use the following mode of payment for your additional investment. All investments made through these facilities are not required to fill up the Investment Application Form (IAF).

  • Payment Slip
      • Below is the sample of filled up Payment Slip. Click the image to zoom in.


    Payment slip

ACCOUNT NAME Metrobank Company Name (for Payment Slip use only)
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund FAMI_SALEF-EquityFund
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund FAMI_SALFIF-FixedIncome
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund FAMI_SALBF-BalancedFund
One Wealthy Nation Fund FAMI_OWN-OneWealthyNation



  • Metrobank Direct

          Step 1. If your Metrobank account is enrolled to MetrobankDirect, log on via and log-in using your account details.

         Step 2. In the Main menu, click on Pay Bills.
         Step 3. In the Special Biller section, under Category, select Investments.
         Step 4. Under Biller, select the fund name you want to place your investment.

         Step 5. Indicate your FAMI Account Number (follow the 8-digit rule above) in the Subscriber Number and     Reference Number fields.
         Step 6. Enter the amount you wish to invest and click Continue then Confirm on the next screen.

First Metro Asset Management Inc