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FAMI’s newest Balanced Fund is available for sale!

Under the One Wealthy Nation brand – this BALANCED FUND – One Wealthy Nation Fund Inc. was established in partnership with mutual fund manager First Metro Asset Management Inc. one of the best performing fund managers in the country and a subsidiary of First Metro Investment Corporation of the Metrobank Group of Companies.

Distinct from other balanced mutual funds available, One Wealthy Nation Fund Inc. (OWN Fund) invests in dividend yielding stocks and high interest bearing fixed income investments with the objective of being able to declare share dividends yearly when possible. Shares may be sold back to OWN Fund should they prefer cash. This allows investors to potentially earn in two ways – one through the growth of the value of the fund – increase in Net Asset Value and, two through the increase in the number of shares owned (share dividends).

OWN Fund is available to the public at a minimum investment of Php5,000 and additional investment of Php1000. OWN Members may avail of more convenient account opening processes as well as regular alerts on the fund’s performance.

All transactions to OWN Fund are through its fund manager and distributor First Metro Asset Management Inc.

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Download the fund Prospectus here:   One Wealthy Nation Fund, Inc.

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