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In honor of the International Women’s Month, we are featuring 10 female financial bloggers and vloggers who can help manage your money and inspire you to invest on a better future.

These super talented female financial bloggers and vloggers are keen on their mission to spread financial literacy to fellow Filipinos.

Let’s get started.

Rose Fres Fausto of FQ Mom

Rose Fres Fausto of FQ Mom is a former investment banker, columnist, author and proud homemaker. She also turned to a writer, speaker, behavioral economist, and certified Gallup Strengths coach. Her blog FQ Mom focuses on motivating fellow moms on how to handle money.

Rose does not only provide financial tips but her topics also revolve on parenting, womanhood, and behavioral economics.


Ginger Arboleda of Mommy Ginger

Ginger Arboleda is the blogger behind Mommy Ginger. She juggles multiple role as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger and business coach.  Mommy Ginger is her own personal blog where she shares  business, marketing and freelancing tips to all of my readers. The purpose of the blog is really to share her own and from other entrepreneurs and freelancers experiences and provide learning and inspiration!


Jill Sabitsana of Frugal Honey

Jill Sabitsana is part of the early personal finance blogs in the Philippines. Jill is not afraid to share her numbers from current cash flow, debt status, investment decisions and many more. If you’re looking for a blog to read on frugality and making informed money decisions, Frugal Honey is the blog for you.


Christine Factora of Money Girl Philippines

Christine Factora of Money Girl Philippines is focused on helping Filipinos earn more money, save, and invest. Her inspiration to start a money blog is her mom who first introduced her the value of saving and investing your money.

She provides practical tips and tricks on topics as diverse as money management (budgets and such), debt (credit cards, mortgage, etc), building wealth (investment for beginners), real estate, making more money, cutting expenses, travel, living, self-improvement and more.


Katie Scarlett Needs Money of Katie Scarlett Needs Money

Katie Scarlett (pen name only) of Katie Scarlett Needs Money writes about personal finance, achieving financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), getting out of generational poverty, career, and other related topics.

Her honesty as a personal finance blogger will captivate you. She doesn’t shy away in sharing how she got from negative net worth to zero net worth, and finally, to positive net worth during the 2010s. Outside the blog, she’s also a mother, a daughter, a professional, and a feminist.


Ameena Rey-Franc of The Thrifty Pinay

Ameena Rey-Franc is a former accountant and banker turned blogger behind The Thrifty Pinay.

The Thrifty Pinay’s mission is to empower Pinoys around the world to build a life they love – through having the proper mindset, investing and making the most out of every peso on a budget they understand and can afford.

Ameena shares posts on proper money mindset, tips on budgeting and saving money, and investing for the future.


Sheila Mae Unabia of Pinay Teenvestor

Sheila of Pinay Teenvestor prove that age is not a hindrance to share about money and investing. At such a young age, her blog already covered the basics from banking, debt management, and financial planning to advance topics on different investment vehicles.


Nicole Alba

Nicole is such a breath of fresh air in the personal finance community. At a young age of 20, Nicole already shares video explanations on personal finance, investing, self-development, and other fun/interesting things she learned. She is candid on her take on finances which you will appreciate as a viewer.


Thea Sy Bautista

Thea Sy is a lifestyle YouTube vlogger who quickly found a following by sharing her financial journey. She launched her #TitaTalks where she provide tips on tracking your budget and expenses, saving money, building an emergency fund, investing and so much more.

Thea can discuss hard financial concepts and turn them into easily digestible videos that appeals to audience no matter where they are in their season.


Maven & Money

Maven & Money started as a blog at where she found great following because of her net worth updates. Now, she started sharing her stories on her own YouTube channel.

Her YouTube channel dwells on the topic of personal finance, career, and life with the following goals:

– To open the topic of money in daily conversations so that people can get comfortable talking about frugality, saving, and investing

– To show that millennial women can represent and drive the change to a more financially-literate community

– To spread financial literacy to the Filipino society one video at a time

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