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As a die-hard fashionista, you would naturally want to be seen wrapped up in the most eye-catching apparels.  You always keep yourself updated on the latest fashion trends.  But keeping up with fashion can be an arduous pursuit, especially if you find that you can’t afford the luxurious and expensive designer clothing that you dream of parading around in.  However, you shouldn’t have to end up bankrupt just so you can look fashionable.  With some resourcefulness and creativity, it is possible to make yourself look fabulous without spending a lot of money.

When talking about the current trends in fashion, it’s not so much about which brand of clothing is popular as it is about what style is currently in vogue.  It could be a particular color, design or type of print that is all the rage this season.  There is no shame in shopping in a bargain store, or what is popularly known in the Philippines as ukay-ukay.  You may be able to find reasonably-priced clothing that corresponds to whatever is considered fashionable at the moment.  Cheap clothes do not necessarily equate to a cheap look.  Sometimes, you may even be lucky enough to stumble onto a designer label on sale for the fraction of a price it costs at a department store.

If you can’t afford to buy yourself an entire wardrobe, you can make up for it through accessorizing.  As they say, every little bit helps, and you can come up with some inexpensive accessories to enhance your overall look.  For instance, one fashion accessory that hasn’t gone out of style is the headband.  The great thing about them is that they can be easily acquired practically anywhere; from malls, to thrift shops, and even online.  Best of all, it is very easy for you to fashion a headband of your very own.  There are a number of materials that you can turn into a headband, such as ribbons or a bandana.  If you already have a headband, you can spruce it up with some decorations.

While a belt was originally conceived to hold pants up, as a fashion accessory it serves to draw attention to one’s waistline.  Certain types of belt can affect your look in different ways; a studded black belt, for example, can give you an hourglass figure.  A scarf is another good fashion accessory that can work wonders for your look.  Be sure that the scarf you choose isn’t too thick; preferably, it should be soft, silky and colorful.

Jewelry is a fashion accessory that is traditionally expensive, but these days that isn’t necessarily the case.  Sometimes, how much your jewelry costs isn’t as important as how good it looks on you, and you may opt to go for less-expensive but no less valuable alternative trinkets to adorn you.  A set of neat-looking plastic beads strung together into a necklace can look just as beautiful as anything made from silver or gold.  Imitation plastic gems can sparkle just as brightly as real diamonds.  You can make yourself look priceless without costing you a fortune.

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