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Your safety is our priority.

We care for the safety and security of all our clients and partners. Because of this, we highly encourage the following:

1. Protect and update your information.

Keep your data safe by making sure your account details, client ID, username and password are not accessible to others. Use strong passwords and change them regularly. When on electronic platforms, make sure to use devices that are safe and keep your software updated. We will not be able to serve you properly if your information is not updated. Make sure the information you submit is accurate, complete, and not misleading. Keep your documents than can verify your information safe and available. If there are changes to your information, inform us immediately.

2. Contact us through our official channels.

Contact us through our website, email and official social media accounts only. Should we verify sensitive information, an authorized FAMI representative or your relationship manager will get in touch with you.

3. Report any data issues.

If you think your data has been mishandled in terms of confidentiality or integrity, or if you think your data has been tampered with, contact us through any secure channels mentioned above.

You can directly contact our Data Protection officer through the following:

Data Protection Officer

18F PS Bank Center Paseo de Roxas corner Sedeno St. Makati City

(02) 8891.2860

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