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Year 2020 is almost over.

The last quarter of this year is probably the best time for an earnest reflection; made more meaningful during this period of uncertainty.

For most of us, if not all,  this year also entails changes either through self-improvement or building more our character; after all, we are still in quarantine. Once this ends, we just don’t simply return to what we have basically gotten used to.

We simply adapt, and remain disciplined whether it’s social distancing, having a structure from our work from home set-up, or simply being mindful of sanitation.

Same holds true when it comes to managing our own investments. We tend to be dutiful to our goals at one point, and go back to our old ways by spending money for instantaneous fulfillment; not realizing that these are just satisfying needs NOW and not for the long term.   And many are quite surprised to know that it doesn’t involve a big amount to start investing, which may seem as a huge sacrifice.

When the pandemic started, money allotted for transportation, dining outside or yes, including those spur of the moment purchases are now intact! What I did, I simply re-allocated these to savings and most especially my investments. And I also realized, “Wait a minute,I can do more naman pala eh!

With First Metro Asset, we may start adding subscriptions to our investments for as low as P1,000 at our own convenience, and help ourselves and even inspire others in building the habit of investing regularly thru available online payment facilities (mobile banking, GCash and Cliqq).

First Metro Asset offers comprehensive selection of mutual funds to help meet our investment goals, which include peso and dollar-denominated investments. We may start investing and benefit from FAMI’s portfolio managers’ combined expertise in investment, portfolio, risk management, and research & analytics.

We all deserve a better financial management.  First Metro Asset can help reach our goals, simply send an email at, that easy!

You can also find useful resources to help you navigate your investment goals at


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Mary Love Alix is the Head of Marketing and Product Development, born in the 80s but gets her daily dose of information in the most millennial way she can. Laguna-bred. ISTJ. OC.

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