PAL Mabuhay Miles: Invest Your Way to Your Dream Destination

philippine airlines mabuhay miles promo
PROMO MECHANICS The promo will run from March 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. Only new accounts opened (from existing or new clients of FAMI) and investments made within the promo period are qualified. Interested Promo participants should first open an account through the FAMI website and indicate Mabuhay Miles as the referrer to qualify Once the account is open,... Read More

Celebrate your birthday with us!

Celebrate your birthday with us first metro promo
PROMO MECHANICS  During your entire birthday month, there will be NO SALES LOAD charges on additional investments to your existing FAMI Save and Learn mutual fund(s). Additional investment should be at least P 1,000.00. This is also open to joint and ITF/FAO account holders (for as long the additional investment falls on any one of the account holders’ birthday month.... Read More