Atlas shrugged while the birds flew – Gus Cosio

8:30am  Monday  12 March 2012 Last Friday, we – a group of fund managers from Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore – spent the day being toured around the Carmen Copper Mine of Atlas Consolidated Mining Corporation (AT) in an observation trip sponsored by MacQuarie Philippines.  When I first started to look for work in the mid-70′s, Atlas Consolidated was one of the more desirable companies... Read More


ANNOUNCEMENT: We have been getting queries regarding valuation changes (if any) considering the PSEi’s trading times have been extended to 3:30pm. Given that PIFA requires mutual funds to submit their NAVPS by end-day, and that trading closes at 3:30pm, that leaves our company with a very slim margin of time to accurately compute our end-day prices especially for SALEF and... Read More

High anxiety, by Gus Cosio

8:50am  Thursday  3 November 2011 Let us put things in perspective.  The DJIA fell 276 points ending below 12,000 on the last day of the month in a very rough month’s close.  Nevertheless, U.S. stocks ended its best month in a decade with an almost uninterrupted four-week rally as Europe appeared to have finally found a way out of its debt crisis.  The... Read More