ANNOUNCEMENT: We have been getting queries regarding valuation changes (if any) considering the PSEi’s trading times have been extended to 3:30pm.

Given that PIFA requires mutual funds to submit their NAVPS by end-day, and that trading closes at 3:30pm, that leaves our company with a very slim margin of time to accurately compute our end-day prices especially for SALEF and SALBF. Please see our resolution below! Thanks!

Dear all,

Please note that we shall be adopting the following effective January 12, 2012:

1. The daily NAVPS will be computed based on the closing prices of stocks, i.e., at 3:30pm.
2. For publication purposes, we will publish the previous day’s NAVPS.
3. Subscriptions and redemptions (as of 12:00 noon cut-off) shall be based on the NAVPS computed using the 3:30pm closing prices of equities. For information and necessary action please.

Thank you!

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