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When you make investing a priority, you are positioning yourself to a lifetime of possibilities!

A common misconception when it comes to investing is that you need to be rich in order to start investing. But did you know, Php 5000 is all you need to open a mutual fund account? Yes! You can start investing in the biggest PH companies in the stock market for as low as Php 5K.

In this post, we are sharing three helpful ways you can invest specifically if you’re still building your finances or on a budget.

Treat your investment like any bill

One of the best strategies that will enable you to invest even on a small budget is to pay yourself first. The idea of treating your investment like any other monthly bill is the same basic idea of making a conscious decision to invest that you don’t have to decide on each month. This means treating your investment like any other bill and earmarking a certain percentage of every paycheck to go into it.

Choose a percentage from your income you can commit to invest

Next is to select a percentage of your income that you are willing to invest.  Invest what you can afford. Do not force yourself to invest half of your income if your budget cannot accomplish this feat.

What’s important is to come up with a comfortable percentage no matter how little or how big it is. If you invest consistently, you’ll be surprised by how big it can be in the future. You can start with 10% every payday until you get to your desired investment rate.

Automate your investments!

Enroll your account to automatic deduction so you can sit back and watch your money work for you. Take away your investment first things first before you even pay for your expenses. This is a good habit that everyone should adopt.

It’s time to let your money work for you instead of the other way around. Let the joy of your salary last longer this sale season.

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