Fashion for Less: Hip But Not Broke

As a die-hard fashionista, you would naturally want to be seen wrapped up in the most eye-catching apparels.  You always keep yourself updated on the latest fashion trends.  But keeping up with fashion can be an arduous pursuit, especially if you find that you can’t afford the luxurious and expensive designer clothing that you dream of parading around in.  However,... Read More

Patiently Awaiting a Benchmark IPO

8:31 am   Monday  16 April 2012 The past week showed mixed sentiment among investors in Philippine stocks.  The week started with local stocks taking a cue from the weakness in Wall Street and rebounded strongly when U.S. Investors regained confidence after Alcoa reported better than expected earnings.  On Friday, however, sentiment in the global markets started to grow anxious... Read More

How to Beat the High Cost of College Education

Education is the most valuable gift that you can give your child. However, as with anything of great value, education doesn’t come cheap; particularly the cost of getting your child into a good, reputable college. But parents need not resort to cheap, substandard schooling for their children, or to stop sending them to school altogether. Fortunately, there are some strategies... Read More