Danger and opportunity, by Gus Cosio

8:45 am  Monday  26 September 2011 All of us watching the stock markets worldwide are likely facing a lot of discouragement right now.  Practically everyone is expecting the markets to be more volatile in the coming week.  Consequently, risk averse people will keep out lest they implode from nervousness. Last week, what spooked the market into the disarray we now see was not so... Read More

Ho ma? by Gus Cosio

7:00 pm   Monday 19 September 2011 If you had been following the Philippine government’s T-bill auction over the past few months, you’ll be pretty convinced by now that people really have nowhere to park their money.  Today, the 90-day T-bill averaged 0.69 % per annum in yield which is really next to nothing.  There is even a 20% withholding tax, so... Read More

Abandoning the metal

8:31 am  Monday  12 September 2011 In Philippine stocks, we probably need to be very defensive at the beginning of this week. I got this quote from an article on CNBC online headlined: France Says Euro Survival Crucial; Wants Stronger Yuan “Stock markets tumbled on Friday on news of the resignation of a German executive board member from the European Central... Read More