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How to make your investment

Congratulations!  You have made a wise choice by investing in a FAMI mutual fund.  Remember:

  • A mutual fund investment is considered to be one of the best long run investment instruments that one can make. 
  • It is a great mechanism to save and to let your money work for you. 
  • It is a means to have your hard-earned savings, managed by professional investment managers.
  • It is a way for you to make investments in sophisticated equity or fixed income securities without the hassle of day-to-day monitoring of capital markets, without having to make huge investments to qualify.

There are two ways by which you can make an investment in a FAMI mutual fund:

  1. You can make a single investment in any FAMI mutual fund of your choice, or
  2. You may either participate in a “Monthly Investment Program”, and have your salary deduction invested in a mutual fund of your choice.  To learn how to do this, see the related blog in this site.

Here are the simple procedures in making a single investment in FAMI mutual funds:

  1. Make sure you get and read a copy of the prospectus of the mutual fund that you have chosen.
  2. Fill out an Investment Application Form.
  3. If you are investing as an individual (not as a company), submit a photocopy of any valid ID.  If you are investing on behalf of a corporation/company, please submit a copy of the following:
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  • SEC certificate of registration
  • Secretary’s certificate / Board resolution authorizing the investment
  • Secretary’s certificate on the percentage of ownership / capital stock held by non-Filipino shareholders.

You may make your investment either in CASH or CHECK payable to the Fund of your choice:

  •  First Metro Save & Learn Equity Fund, Inc.
  • First Metro Save & Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc.
  • First Metro Save & Learn Balanced Fund, Inc.

You may course your investment through any Metrobank Branch and have it deposited directly to the respective account:

  •  First Metro Save & Learn Equity Fund, Inc. (SA#016-3016-25149-7)
  • First Metro Save & Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc. (SA#016-3016-25146-2)
  • First Metro Save & Learn Balanced Fund, Inc. (SA#016-3016-25791-6)

For further information or inquiries, visit or contact us at:

First Metro Asset Management Inc.
18 th Floor, PSBank Center 777 Paseo de Roxas Ave. corner. Sedeno St. Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. nos.: (632) 891-2860 to 65
Fax no.: (632) 816-0467



3 Responses to “How to make your investment”
  1. Madel says:

    Good day,

    I am interested in Mutual Fund investment. I just have a question though, are we going to be provided with a proof or any document/certificate of investment?

    Thank you,
    Madel M.

  2. admin-afv says:

    Yes Madel!

    YOu’ll get a Confirmation Receipt which is your proof of purchase of fund shares 🙂

  3. Sherelyn says:

    do i need to pay first before i send you my application form?

    thank you

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