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FAMI creates Save-and-Learn blogsite

In order to promote the habit of saving and to help the general public understand important finance and investment terms, instruments, and practices, First Metro Asset Management has launched a user-friendly blogsite:

Of this new blogsite, FAMI President, Eddie Mendoza, says, “We want to reach out to the general public and speak to them — in a language that they can understand — about anything and everything related to finance and investing.  In a real way, it is one of our attempts to improve financial and investment literacy among the Filipino people. ”

The “Save-and-Learn” blogsite is the very first blogsite of this kind in the Philippines that is created by a bank-affiliated company.  FAMI is a subsidiary of First Metro Investment Corp., which itself is a subsidiary of Metrobank, one of the Philippine’s largest universal bank.  However, as Eddie Mendoza says, “This is not a blogsite that aims to sell FAMI’s products and services.  Rather, it is an honest-to-goodness effort to give the public access to simple, friendly but professional advice, coming from officers related to the largest investment bank of the Philippines.  The title of the blogsite says it all.”

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