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Stocks on Wall Street declined by 2%.  The volatility Index (VIX) is up 5.7% for the day hinting that U.S. traders are getting to feel a little edgy.  Markets in Japan and Australia are trading lower while Korea which opened down is Read more


First Metro Investment just recently released the May issue of The Market Call, as published by the FMIC & UA&P Capital Markets Research.  This publication is a result of Read more

Real numbers

11:10 am   Wednesday  May 27, 2009    PSEi  –  2346.92

Why would consumer confidence in the U.S. encourage investors to buy Philippine stocks?  In my previous life, we did not put too much weight on this survey since it did not measure an actual economic indicator such as industrial Read more

Missiles of May

9am  Tuesday  May 26, 2009

The PHP opened weaker at 47.23 from yesterday’s 47.17.  There might be a North Korean missile flying around soon. Read more

Lost Horizon?

6:30pm  Monday May 25, 2009   PSEi – 2334.62  PHP/$ 47.17

Today’s highlights were: the PHP breaking past 47 to trade at 46.95 only to close at 47.17, a sell off in FXTNs, and a continued broad-based buying of Philippine stocks.  I think the local central bank was buying dollars to keep further Read more

No garden is without its weeds

No wonder Wall Street dropped last week. New stock issuance was sucking up all the spare cash.  Read more

Money from heaven?

March inward remittances from OFWs grew 3.1 percent from a year earlier to $1.47 billion.  The figure comes after a 4.9% year on year rise in February.  This brings money sent home by the more than 8 million Filipinos to $4.1 billion Read more

FAMI creates Save-and-Learn blogsite

In order to promote the habit of saving and to help the general public understand important finance and investment terms, instruments, and practices, First Metro Asset Management has launched a user-friendly blogsite: Read more

The Trend is your friend

11:40am Friday May 15, 2009    PSEi 2310.30   PHP/$ 47.64

Today is one of the strongest days I’ve seen in Philippine stocks.  Our market is up 2.03% at this time compared to about 1% and a fraction for the rest of the region.  The strongest issue in my radar today is Ayala Corp. (AC) which is Read more

Did I hear someone sneeze?

5 pm Thursday May 14, 2009

PSEi – 2264.23    PHP/$ – 47.79

“When the U.S. sneezes, the whole world catches cold.”  This is an adage that market players from all over the world are well acquainted with. Read more

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